Vic Tech Consulting and Construction

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"The SAFE way is our ONLY way"


Vic Tech Consulting and Construction is privately owned company that specialises in design and implementation in the Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation & Control Industries

VTCC is a dependable provider of services in the electrical, instrumentation, automation & control engineering industries. Practical delivery methods are used to guarantee that project and design implementation meet budgets and time constraints. The engineering division is backed by an electrical installation division that provides turnkey solutions to clients, eliminating the often contentious and costly boundaries during execution.

To support the E&I design & installation divisions VTCC has a Consulting division that manages projects, from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring/controlling, and project close out. The Consulting division can provide services for Project/Construction Management, HSE Management, Estimation, Structural Fabrication & erection, Welding, Piping, Civil, Crane and logistics and other discipline design capabilities including 3D plant modelling mechanical/piping design and hazardous area design and certification.

The primary focus of VTCC is to provide a complete solution to their clients to ensure full ownership and turnkey delivery and to provide a quality robust solution efficiently to guarantee predictable capital expenditure.

Leigh Klug - Director